Alarmy Mod Apk (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

Alarmy Mod Apk

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App Name Alarmy Mod Apk
Size 249 MB
Latest Version v5.26.07
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Price Free
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Update July 22, 2022 (17 days ago)
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Alarmy is one of the most popular and highly advance alarm clock app on android with lots of features. This app has more perks than usual alarm app that is why millions of people use this app to set their alarm.

This incredible app gives lots of variation in alarm sounds such as ringtone sound patterns, healthy morning routines, a smooth alarming experience, quick alarm presets, and even more. Set this app according to your preferences and wake up in the morning with the favorite tune of you.

You can easily personalize alarm tunes and music according to your need because it has simple and easy to use interface. There are plenty of ringtones and alarm tunes available in the app. Set the volume according to your sleep and never be late again in the morning. There are some pro features in the app which you can get for free. Stick with us to know how you can get free premium features on this app.

Alarmy Mod Apk

What is Alarmy Apk?

 Alarmy is a powerful alarm clock app on android. You can easily set the alarm according to your requirements. There are so many ringtones and alarm music available in app. Enable custom messages which means that you can setup a custom message which will be shown on the screen with an alarm tune. There are some awesome perks such as changing background color, temperature bar, quick alarm and many more. It is totally free to download and use this alarm clock app.




What is Alarmy Mod Apk?

Alarmy Mod is one of the best version of this app which gives you extra perks and premium features for free. You can use all the pro features without buying the paid version of this app. Use all the ringtones and alarm tunes without any limit or restriction. All ads are removed to give better user experience. Step Missions, Typing Missions, Backup Sound, Time Pressure and many more premium features are available for free use. Type motivational quotes which you can read in the morning to get a fresh start in the day.

Alarmy Mod Apk

Ringtone Sound Pattern

Alarmy is a great app which can help you to get a better start in the morning. You can set different ringtone sound patterns to make it unique and excited experience. There are various ringtone sound patterns available in the app. Set energetic and loud tracks or you can go with gentle sounds to wake up in ther morning. Explore all the alarm sounds and set according to your nature so that you can wake up in the morning with fresh mood.


Ensure Awakening

This alarm app has unique feature which you can use to ensure complete awakening in the morning. There are multiple missions and tasks which you have to complete otherwise your alarm will never go off. It is a unique feature of the app which will not make you fall asleep again. Easily build your morning routine even if you are a heavy sleeper. Now you can start your day with a fresh morning and experience the sunshine on your face.

Alarmy Mod Apk

Different Missions

Alarmy clock app is different from other alarm apps because it does not only wake you up but also help you to build the morning routine. It has photo mission, shake mission, barcode mission, math mission and many more missions. You have to complete any of the mission if you want to turn of the alarm other wise alarm will continue to ring. Add different missions in your alarm routine such as in photo mission, you have to take a picture of certain object to turn off the alarm. These missions will help you to get off of your bed.



Customize the App

You cannot only set alarms but also can customize this app according to your preferences. There are many customization options available in the app such as changing background color and setting backup tunes. Add weather, news or multiple widgets on the main screen of the app so that whenever you open the you will see weather, news and other items. Add motivational quotes in the alarm app with energetic sounds and music.

Quick Alarm Presets

Alarmy app gives you easy access to your alarm section where you can easily adjust the alarms for different days. There is a feature which let you add quick alarm presets. Quick alarm presets will let you easily turn on and set the alarm for specific days. It helps you get assistance in the morning to kick start your day with a healthy style. This quick alarm feature will help you to save your time and set alarm quickly with organized settings. It is a free alarm app but some features are paid which you can get in mod version for free.




Pro Unlocked

Alarmy Mod is a modified version of the app which gives you unlimited access to all the premium features. There is great mission feature which is paid but with this mod, you can use all the premium perks for free. Set missions and enjoy the unlocked version of the app. Get rid of analytics and crashes in the app because this version is more stable and secure.

Alarmy Mod Apk

Ad-free Experience

Alarmy mod comes with ad-free experience where you can easily use this app without any banner or video ad. This is more secure and stable version because there are no annoying ads. Get all the pro perks for free and enjoy this for lifetime. There is no limit or any restriction in the app.


Alarmy is a great alarm clock app with tons of amazing features. It is better alarm app than the stock one. You can easily set the alarm because it has simple and intuitive user interface. It is highly optimized for all devices and does not lag because of its lightweight size. There are some premium features available in app which can be used for free with the help of mod version. Get the modified version of this alarm clock app and use pro account with ad-free Interface.

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Q. How to get Alarmy Mod Apk for free?

You can easily get the mod of this alarm clock app from our site. Visit our site and get the latest mod version for free.

Q. What is the size of Alarmy Mod Apk?

This app is a lightweight in size and only consumes 15 MB of storage in device. You can easily install this app without facing any storage issue.

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