Dragon Village Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Resources)

Dragon Village Mod Apk

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App Name Dragon Village Mod Apk
Size 101 MB
Latest Version v13.42
MOD Info Unlimited Resources
Price Free
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Update June 22, 2022 (14 days ago)
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Playing games is one of the most popular hobbies in free or leisure time. Whether these are outdoor games , indoor games or games on gadgets, these are equally considered as a best hobby. So people love to play games whenevr they are bored or have nothing to do. Nowadays, everything is available on internet and gadgets. There are numerous number of games available on internet.

There are all kinds of games. They may be action games, fighting games, games for girls and children and many more. Specially, games are a best source of entertainment and fun for children. Cartoon games are the most favorite ones for them. Not only children but games are also a great source of entertainment for elders.

For this purpose, there are alot of games developed by game developers. Among popular games for children, dragon village is one of them. This game is based on dragons, so it's considered as a favorite and interesting game for children because of dragons history and their qualities.

In this game, you have to grow, feed and fight your dragons with other dragons. You have to build a city for their habitat and food to feed them. After it, you train them for fight. So, actually it is a fighting game of dragons. You can easily play this game with your friends. Thus, the fun of playing game increases. This game contains many features and fun together.

Dragon Village Mod Apk


What is Dragon Village APK?

Dragon Village APK is a fun and entertaining game for children. In this game, you have to build a community of different dragons. There are different kinds of dragons in this game. Their appearances and powers vary each other. You provide food and habitat to them. You feed them to powerful dragons for battles and fights. There are many dragons, gems, coins, food and habitats in this game. There's alot of fun playing this because of great collection of different dragons and features of this game. This game has different missions and levels. On completion, you get different dragons and their habitats. There is also a jigsaw puzzle in this game. There are free reward chests from which you get coins.











What is Dragon Village Mod Apk?

Dragon Village has another version which is too much exciting and thrilling. This is the mod version of dragon village. In this version, you get alot of gems and coins. Other than this, you have many food and exciting features. You can easily get this version on internet in which you get alot of features without waiting too much or get a pretty good collection of things. Moreover, this is ads free version. It has many features, including coins, gems, fruits,dragons and habitats. With the help of unlocked features, you don't have to wait for different levels and missions to get different dragons and habitats.

Dragon Village Mod Apk

Easy to control

This game is very easy and simple. All the controlling buttons are present on the screen. You only have to click them. You only have to feed your dragons, bring them up and prepare them for battles and fight. So it is very easy to play because this game is specifically build for kids and children.

Amazing colourful graphics

This game has very colourful sceneries and graphics. There are alot of colours in this game which attracts the attention of players. The whole village is full of colours. Trees, streams, dragons and fruits etc, all of them make this game really beautiful and colorful. This is a 2D game with perfect views.

Cute dragons

This game has alot of cute dragons which are loved by children. The whole game is based on cute dragons which then grow up into powerful and big dragons. Children love to play dragons games because of it's history and qualities.

Food corners

There are food corners in this game through which you can feed your little dragons. These dragons then grow up for different battles and fights. You just have to feed them properly. There are many fruits which can be fed to the dragons. It's simple to feed them. You just have to click the food.









There is a spin in this game. You can get different rewards like coins, food , and gems with it. You only have to spin it and it gives you multiple rewards to use in this game.

Missions and levels

There are missions and levels in this game. After the completion of specific levels, you get different dragons and habitats as a reward. You get coins, gems and food after every level.


Breed the dragons

In this game, you can breed any two dragons to make another dragon. This leads to a great collection of dragons in your game. These dragons are then used in fights with opponent dragons.

Two or more fighting dragons

In your fight, you can select upto three dragons. These dragons fight effectively and thus you win the game. You have to select the perfect strokes to finish the opponent dragons. After the completion of level, you get coins, gems and fruits as a reward.

Dragon Village Mod Apk





Market of Dragon village

This game has a market in which there are many dragons, habitats, buildings and resources. You can buy your favorite dragons, their place of living, designs of village farms and many food resources. Thus you have a great collection of features to play and it is really exciting.

Reward packs

There are different reward packs in this game's market. You can buy your favorite one. These packs contain coins , gems, food and other things.

Free of ads

The Mod version of dragon village is ads free. You can play your game easily without ads.

Unlimited coins

In this version, you get unlimited coins. These coins can be used to buy different dragons and habitats. You can have a great collection of coins.




Unlimited gems

This version also gives you unlimited gems. You can use these gems to unlock exciting features.

Unlimited food

You have unlimited food in this version. You can feed your dragons with this food. The more you feed your dragons, the more powerful they grow and more effectively they fight. You can also get food through different packs, rewards and spins.

Alot of new features

This Mod version makes your game exciting with alot of features. You can use these features to play effectively without waiting for the completion of levels.


For those who want to explore all features like graphics, easy playing mode, coins, gems, features, and characters without ads then Dragon Village Mod Apk is perfect game for you. This is one of the most favorite games of children. Thus to enjoy the cute dragons and their fight together with a perfect village view of the game then this game is perfect to play.

Dragon Village Mod Apk


Q. Is Dragon Village easy for children?

Yes, this game is very easy and it's controls are very easy to handle. Children can easily play this and fight their dragons.

Q. Is there variety of dragons in Dragon Village?

There is a great variety of dragons in this game. They vary in appearances and traits. They have different fighting powers.

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