Fruit Ninja Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Fruit Ninja Mod Apk

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App Name Fruit Ninja Mod Apk
Size 157 MB
Latest Version v3.15.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update July 21, 2022 (19 days ago)
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There are many games which involves smashing and bombing of different candies, fruits, vegetables and other things. There is a great variety of such types of games because these are the favorite games for everyone. These games include yummy candies or fruits which are cut down or smashed to get an amazing view of the game. Among such games, fruit cutting and smashing are the most yummy ones. These games are real entertainment which involves amazing food graphics and are great time killers.

 Fruit Ninja APK is one of the most popular games of this kind. This game involves very charming graphics. There are different types of fruits in this game. Your task is to cut or swipe the fruits before falling down. There are Mangoes, Bananas, kiwi, strawberry, oranges, lemons, watermelons, pineapples and other flashy and juicy fruits. You cut them to gain coins and score. This provides an amazing view of cutting different fruits with juices. Thus it is a great time killer and it also cheers your mind. So to have a perfect time killing a partner, fruit ninja apk is the best option. Its mod version provides unlimited fun and entertainment with unlimited features.

Fruit Ninja Mod APK

What is Fruit Ninja APK?

Fruit Ninja apk is an android game which involves cutting of different fruits. There are alot of different kinds of fruits falling in this game. You have to cut them just with your finger on the screen. You have to cut them before they fall, otherwise your game will be over after two or three drops of fruit. There are also some bombs in this game. These are also falling with fruits. You have to avoid them otherwise your game will be over. This game depends on lives. If you have lives then you can play this game. This it is a great time killer game for you to have a perfect view of fruits and cutting, bombing and smashing them.




What is Fruit Ninja Mod APK?

This is the mod version of fruit Ninja apk. This version provides you many modes of playing this game. There are many levels. This version provides you unlimited coins and gems. There are unlimited lives in this version so that you can play your game many times without waiting for the lives to be completed. There are no advertisements in this game. You can enjoy the fruity graphics with a lot of new and unlimited features now. So, download this mod version and try the real juicy and fruity experience of fruits in the game.

Fruit Ninja Mod APK

Different Modes of the Game

In this game, you have different modes. You can play this game with a variety of different features. There is classic mode, dragon mode, arcade mode, multiplayer mode and a few others. Classic mode involves slow speed with only one playing side. You have to avoid popping the bombs in this mode. You have many fruits falling. Multiplayer mode involves two sides of falling fruits. This brings a real speedy experience. You have to cut all the fruits before falling and make a high score.

Colorful Fruity Graphics

There are alot of fruits in this game. There is a good variety of them. The game is overall very colorful and amazing. When you cut the fruits, it also shows juicy graphics. This makes it a perfect and interesting game to play. There is a perfect combination of colours, fruits, juices and bombing of fruits.

Many Levels

There are many levels in this game. The beginning levels are easy and of slow speed. But as you play more and more levels the difficulty level increases and speed also increases. There are many levels of some modes that involve proper time to complete the task, for example, you may have 90 seconds or 60 seconds to complete the game and all that.

Easy and Simple

The game is very easy and simple but it involves great fun and entertainment. You just have to cut the fruits with your finger on the screen. Swipe the screen of your gadget and cut the fruits.You have to avoid the fruits from falling down and avoid popping the bombs.

Fruit Ninja Mod APK

Collect Different Fruits

After the completion of levels, you unlock different fruits for other levels. You get a variety of yummy fruits as you keep completing the levels. The more fruits you have, the more fun you will gain.


There are also different missions in this game. This involves to complete certain points or to slice different fruits. You get many scores and coins after the completion of these missions.

Rewards and Shop

There is also a reward shop in this game. This provides you many gems, fruits and surprise boxes. You can use your gems or watch ads to unlock different rewards. These are free ! There is also a shop through which you can collect gems, starfruits, bombs, many fruits to have them in your game. You can also buy gems and star fruits with money.

Different Blades

This game also has different types and colors of blades. These blades are used to cut the fruits. You can get them by finding some of the blades in boxes, in shops, and completing the missions and levels.

Fruit Ninja Mod APK

Unlimited Gems and Star Fruits

There are unlimited coins and star fruits in this mod version. You get many of them to unlock other features.

Unlimited Lives

There are unlimited lives in this game version. You can play as many games as you want without waiting to get a life. You don't have to wait for the completion of one or more lives so that you may play.

Different Unlocked Blades

Different blades are unlocked in this version. You can use your favorite coloured blade to cut the fruits. There is a great variety of blades too. They are of different colors and designs.

No Ads

This version is free of advertisements. You can enjoy the game without watching ads. Everything is unlocked!

Unlocked Modes

There are some modes which are unlocked in the real version. This version has all modes unlocked. You can play any mode according to your mood, whether you want simple or classic or any other multiplayer mode.


This is an Anti ban mod version. You can enjoy all the features for free. There is nothing to be banned for. Thus enjoy the amazing experience with this mod version.

Fruit Ninja Mod APK


If you want a good time killing app with amazing graphics and goals then Fruit ninja apk is the perfect selection among games as it provides you everything. You can kill your time effectively and efficiently. The fruity and juicy experience of cutting fruits takes you to the other level of joy and fun. Thus, download this game now and have a perfect time!


Q. Can you play Fruit Ninja on other devices other than android?

Yes it is possible but to play them on your computers or other devices, you have to use some different players to run this game.

Q. Is fruit ninja apk easy and safe ?

Yes this game is easy and safe to play. Anyone can play this by just swiping the screen to cut the fruits. This is safe!

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