Game of Khans Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimted Money)

Game Of Khans Mod Apk

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App Name Game of Khans Mod Apk
Size 32 MB
Latest Version v1.8.29.10102
MOD Info Unlimted Money
Price Free
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Update July 21, 2022 (19 days ago)
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 Let’s conquer world by playing the game of khans. Creator of Game of khans are  Clicktouch Co., Lt. Game of khans is relatable to Mongol conquest. If you are bored of playing ordinary action games then try Game of khans because this game has complete different story. In this action game you will be a Khan and you can kill everyone who stand in your way.

You are the Khan who have all the authorities. In Game of khans, you will fight with the others and conquer their lands. This game has so many amazing features which is one of the main reason of this game’s success. After game of khan’s launching, this game got fame overnight because it’s story is unique from other action games.

Multiple built-in features are available in this game which we will discuss below. As a Khan, you have to maintain everything in your land. You will manage both your professional life and love life. This game is totally an addiction because in game of khan’s you will write your own story.

Game Of Khans Mod APK

What is Game of Khans APK?

Game of khans is a famous game in which you will experience both action and adventure. Gameplay of game of khans is quite unique. Story revolves around the khan who will be the king of his land. To increase your popularity, you can also conquer the other lands. Get married and give birth because lineage is a main element in Game of khan. Take good care of your sons and daughters because they will be the future khans.


What is Game of Khans Mod APK?

Game or khans mod apk is an alternate version that is not available on play store. You can download game of khans mod apk from our website because we have secure link of this game. In alternate version of game of khans, you will enjoy unlimited money, diamonds and much more. In standard version of game of khans, fee is required on premium items but you can save your money by downloading game of khans where everything is unlocked.

Game Of Khans Mod APK

Build your Empire

In game of khans, your first task is to build a largest kingdom where you and your children will rule the empire. Treat your people with kindness so they will remember your name. Create your army who will fight with your opponents and take care of your empire.


Decorate your Profile

In this best RPG game you can also decorate your profile. There are different avatar and frame are available which you can apply on your profile. Make your profile more beautiful and attractive that’s how you can impress other gamers.

Win Epic Battles

In this game you will fight with your opponents and conquer the war. If you want progress then you have to win the battles because by winning the battles your level will increase. There will be great wars between you and other kings but if you will win to defeat them then you can rule on their lands too.


Make Good Relations With Chieftain

This is main part of your game in which you have to maintain your good relationship with chieftain. It is important to win trust of your chieftain because after winning the trust you can marry with their daughters.

Grow your Family

Game of khans is all about action and romance. In this game you have to focus on your love life too. Take care of your wife and children. After you, your sons and daughters will rule your empire so you have to prepare them accordingly.



3D Graphics

Game of khans have amazing graphics. If you want to enjoy the game having realistic action-war experience then why don’t you try game of khans? Because this game supports high graphics. All the sounds effects which is used in game of khans makes this game more incredible.

Game Of Khans Mod APK

Play Casual Events

Game of khans have so many interesting feature and including casual events. In this feature you can play multiple limited-time events and earn special rewards. You can play Gamestone clash, Ram Festival, you can also join archery and lasso themed events.


Enjoy Daily Quests

Daily quests feature is also available in game of khans. By completing the quests you will get the rewards in to form of money and diamonds. You will get the new quests notification on your notification bar.

Easy to Play

Game of khans is very easy to play. Anyone can easily understand the controls of this game. Everything will be mention on your mobile screen you just have to follow the steps.



Train your Pet

When your level increase, you will also get a furry pet. Your pet will be your backbone and if you will take good of your pet, they will support you in wars. Your pet will also help you to protect your land.

Use Premium Items for Free

Game of khans have in-app purchases so you have to pay in order to buy premium items but not everyone can able to pay for premium features. If you are one of those who wants to use VIP features but don’t have enough money then you should download game of khans mod apk. Game of khans mod apk will allow you to use every feature for free.



Get Unlimited Money

Game of khans mod apk is way more easier then it’s standard version. If you go with the game of khans mod version then you will get the unlimited money. Feel free to use this money as much you want.

Game Of Khans Mod APK

Uncountable Diamonds

In modified version of game of khans you will also get the unlimited diamonds. Buy premium items for your empire and your character by using these diamonds. If you download game of khans mod apk, then you will never run out of money.



No Advertisements

No more interruption because of these ads because you can install modified version of game of khans in your devices. Without spending money you can play ads free game just by downloading game of khans mod apk.


Game of khans is a strategic game because your story will based on your actions. Enjoy exciting gameplay of game of khans and dive into some realistic fighting experience. If you are interested in game of khans mod apk then you can download this game from our website. Don’t forget to leave a comment in comment section.


Q. How can I get lots of money in game of khans?

If you are interested to get unlimited money then Game of khans mod apk is best option for you.

Q. How Can I use premium items without purchasing subscription?

If you download game of khans mod apk, then you can use premium features without paying fee.

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