Hills of Steel Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Hills Of Steel Mod Apk

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App Name Hills of Steel Mod Apk
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Price Free
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Update July 23, 2022 (15 days ago)
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People are very fond of action games. This genre is extremely popular among boys. You will surely see the children around you playing action games like Pubg and GTA. Basically in these games you have to kill the foe before they kill you. There may be certain weapons, loaded vehicles and many other features that help you kill the rivals.

Many games of this genre have been introduced in the market. The extreme physics and exceptional graphics of such games keep people engaged and keeps them interested in the game. Usually these games are based on the principle to gain coins and upgrade your weapons to the next level. Hills of Steel is one such game in which you operate as a loaded tank that has to kill the rival tanks in order to protect themselves.

Otherwise the rival tanks will kill your tank. You need to gain coins by destroying the tanks and you can use these coins to upgrade your tank with new weapons. It was developed by Round zero. This is a fun game to play. You can surely enjoy this game in your spare time and kill boredom by indulging yourself in the fascinating action graphics.

Hills Of Steel Mod APK

What is Hills of Steel APK?

It is a fun action game with excellent graphics and Captivating sounds. This is a tank game, you have to take control of your tank and pass through various paths with different hurdles and overcome them anyway. You will face many adversities and difficulties while moving through your path. This game is absolutely free to download and it has millions of downloads worldwide. You can play this game with your friends in a 1 on 1 match or may play in a team.

What is Hills of Steel Mod APK?

Although Hills of Steel is free to download, there are certain features that need to be unlocked with the help of coins or real money. Besides this, it also has a VIP version which you have to purchase. In the MOD version, you get these features for free without spending money and there is also no ads disturbance. In short, there is no need to spend your money while you still get all of the paid Items for free.

Hills Of Steel Mod APK

Different Types of Tanks

This game usually allows you to use 9 different tanks with distinctive features. They are Cobra, Phoenix, Joker, Titan, Reaper, Barracuda, Tesla, Mammoth, Arachno. All these tanks have features that have different features from each other and have different capabilities with Cobra being the simplest with a simple gun and Reaper being the most powerful.

They all are equipped with different weapons which allows you to destroy the rival tanks of different power levels. You can choose whether you want to destroy the enemies tanks with bombing or with simple shots. Moreover, there are also upgrades available to provide your tank with new equipment. You can upgrade your tank with the help of coins or money.

Various Fun Modes

There are a variety of fun modes in this game. The simplest is the one on one mode in which you destroy the tank of your rival only. The second mode is the 2 on 2 mode which is the most interesting because in this version you have to play in a team and fight with a rival team. The teamwork and communication skills are necessary to play this mode. Third mode is the adventurous mode in which you have to destroy all the rival tanks with a single tank of your choice. It is very exciting. The fourth one is the classic style in which you have to destroy several powerful leading trucks.

Upgrade your Tank

You can upgrade your tank with new weapons by using the gems that you have earned. You can also fix the damages and destruction that happened to your tank.

2D Graphics and Sounds

This game has 2D graphics with unrealistic physics and Captivating arts and designs of the tanks. The fascinating colours of the game makes it more interesting and enjoyable.

Hills Of Steel Mod APK

Unlimited Gems

In the Hills of Steel games coins are essential to reach the goal but in the regular version you always get short of coins which are much needed to upgrade your tank and destroy the rival. This problem has been solved in thd MOD version, there is unlimited availability of coins and you can upgrade your tank whenever you want.

Free Downloading

This game is free and up for downloading without any sort of charges. You won't have to spend your money just to download it, you can just click on the download link present on this page. So get this game for free now and start playing.

Free VIP Version

The VIP version that needs to be purchased with money is available in the MOD APK version for free. You can enjoy a variety of new modes and weapons for free and can also play as the boss tank.

Free Shopping

You can shop for your favourite weapons and tanks for free and also fix the damage.

Hills Of Steel Mod APK


The 2D graphics and cartoonish characters makes it very popular among children. Various different styles and modes keeps the players interested and indulged in the game with an urge to unlock various new features. This game connects you with people worldwide. You can play with anyone you want whether they live in your country or the other country. As you reach different levels the difficulty level of the game increases gradually. Download this game with mod features and enjoy it thoroughly without any restrictions.

Hills Of Steel Mod APK


Q. How can I unlock everything for free in Hills of Steel?

You can get any tank, any weapon and any mode for free by installing the MOD version of this game.

Q. How to Upgrade your tank in Hills of Steel APK?

You can upgrade your tank with the help of gems. Or you can download the MOD APK version for free upgrades.

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