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Killer Bean Mod Apk

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App Name Killer Bean Mod Apk
Size 86 MB
Latest Version v4.00
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update July 23, 2022 (15 days ago)
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Killer Bean Mod Apk (unlimited Everything)

Killer bean Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Killer Bean mod Apk (Unlimited Health) 

Killer Bean mod Apk Unlimited Health Download

Killer Bean Apk Mod Download

Everyone has their own taste in gaming. Some like fictional games like cartoon characters etc. Some are interested in Survival games in which you have to protect yourself and somehow drag yourself to the Goal. Some are deeply involved in action games like Pubg etc, where you have to fight the enemy with different exciting weapons and with different difficulty levels.

But what if you find all these three attributes under one platform?. Ever heard of such a game that is fictional, has action accompanied with weapons and also falls under the survival category?. We'll let you know of one game of this sort. This game is named Killer Bean. In this game you play as a bean that has to fight and kill other beans with weapons and also protect itself in the process.

Imagine the world has changed into the bean world and you are one of the beans and you have to survive by killing other beans that are here to kill you. Isn't that exciting?. This game has been in the top list of all the gamers and has been downloaded for several million times. This falls under the action category.

Killer Bean Mod APK

What is Killer Bean APK?

This game has an interesting storyline where you have to play as a bean character who is a former member of an assassin bureau. He fights with the members of the rival agency that betrayed him with the help of various weapons. This game has 16 levels. The difficulty level increases as you proceed in the game. The power of the rivals increases in every level. This game offers 2D graphics with exciting action game play with various weapons and techniques.

What is Killer Bean Mod APK?

In the Killer Bean game there are certain weapons that need to be unlocked with coins. There are almost 12 of them. All 12 are available for free in the Killer Bean MOD APK version. There are also bonus items that you can buy with coins. The bean can usually jump twice but with bonus it can jump thrice and flee from the reach of the foes. In addition there are no ads in this version and the premium features are also available for free.

Killer Bean Mod APK

16 Exciting Levels

This game offers 16 intense levels with a gradual increase in difficulty with every level. There are a range of levels that you can enjoy in this game.

Skilled Warrior

The killer bean is a brave and skilled warrior and it's up to you how to use the skills of the warrior and use them according to the situation. You can use them flexibly and kill your rivals.

Upgradations of Weapons

As soon as you unlock the 12th level, your weapons will be upgraded to more exciting and thrilling weapons that are able to kill the sturdy and powerful rival beans.

Powerful Skills

As you get promoted to higher levels you will be provided with some highly powerful skills that you need to practise. These bonus skills need to be unlocked with coins. With the help of these bonus skills you can jump thrice and flee as fast as you from your enemy.

Killer Bean Mod APK

Game Plot and Storylines

The hit-man bean has many experiences which unveils in regular intervals after each level in the form of short scenes with subtitles. Getting to know such experiences, the game becomes more interesting and the player gets deeply immersed in the storyline.

Different Locations

You will play each level in different locations. The locations include warehouses, old school buildings, on top of the roof and outdoors.

2D Graphics and Intense Colours

The game offers 2D graphics with an intense colour scheme making the scenes more realistic and the intense graphics of bullets flying in the air makes the game more enjoyable and intense. The battles are intense and realistic with flexible movements of the characters.

Exciting and Thrilling Modes

This game has 3 different exciting modes to play with. These modes are the Story mode, Mega ranges and Final quests. You can enjoy whichever mode you want. You can play the story mode and be a part of the Killer Bean journey. Or you can practice your skills by playing mega ranges.

Killer Bean Mod APK

Unlocked Bonus

The bonus jumps are unlocked and you don't have to wait till level 12 to get them and unlock them with coins. You can jump thrice in any level.

Upgraded Weapons for Free

This version comes with the free upgraded weapons that can kill the enemy easily and help the Bean to complete the mission.

No Ads

You can play this game smoothly and without any interruption in the MOD version. There will be no ads in the MOD APK version.

Unlocked Premium Features

There are certain premium features that have to be purchased but here they are available for free.

Killer Bean Mod APK


If you are a game addict you should definitely try this thrilling game with many fascinating features and gameplay. It has been ranked as one of the top fictional action games with various weapons to unlock and unbelievable tactics to play with. This game has been in the good books of every gamer. Moreover there are such splendid game modes that make you want to play this game more and more. It will be a very good substitute for your boredom. Download it now and enjoy your spare time.

Killer Bean Mod APK


Q. Why is the MOD version of killer bean APK not available on Google play store?

There are millions of apps on the play store that need to fulfil certain requirements and rules set by Google. In case of the MOD it does not fulfil the rules that's why it is not available on Google play store.

Q. Can I download Killer Bean Mod APK for free?

Yes, you can download killer bean mod apk for free. It carries no charges and you can get it absolutely for free.

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