Lords of Mobile Mod Apk (MOD, Auto PVE,Unlocked VIP 15 Features)

Lords Of Mobile Mod Apk

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App Name Lords of Mobile Mod Apk
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Latest Version v2.80
MOD Info Auto PVE,Unlocked VIP 15 Features
Price Free
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Update March 31, 2022 (2 months ago)
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People are leaning more and more towards games that feature empires, battles, roleplay and strategy. And you can find all this packaged attractively in Lords of Mobile. With over millions of reviews and downloads Lords of Mobile stands distinguished in its department. It has been developed by IGG which is known for its strategy based games and this is their best one so far. So if you're into strategy games, Lords of Mobile is waiting for you.

Lords of Mobile gives its players a unique and fascinating experience which can also be informative. Games as we know them are not viewed as a healthy activity by many but this game is different. It not just adds to your fun but also forces you to think. The wars and battles cannot be won without moving strategically, so it is not one of the games you can play absentmindedly.

Apart from this there are so many other attractive features of this game which would definitely get you into playing. Its cool 3D visuals, you can select heroes to strengthen your army, build your kingdom and upgrade it, raid your enemies to seize their resources, create communities and more exciting things. Keep reading to find out more.

Lords Of Mobile Mod APK

What is Lords of Mobile APK?

Lords of Mobile apk is the standard version of the game there for you to download from your app store. This game has gained a huge amount of praise which isn't a surprise as the game lives up to its reputation. You're the leader of your empire and have to train your troops, recruit heroes to win wars and battles with expert tactics in order to extend your empire and become wealthy.

Lords of Mobile offers many interesting elements. Aside from its encapsulating graphics you can look forward to a variety of modes to play in, raiding and attacking your enemies for resources, building your kingdoms and upgrading them, you can battle or create guilds with people from different regions of the world. To learn more about the specifications, move on to the features part.

What is Lords of Mobile Mod APK?

Lords of Mobile Mod apk is a modified or cheat version of the original game. This version offers upgraded and new features that will make the game more exciting and fun for you. With the help of this version you can gain access to an unlimited number of coins, money and gems so free yourself from the monetary problems right now and play with carefree ease.

The modified version also offers vip features that have exciting aspects such as fast recovery, increased attacks and recourse production and more in store for you. This will will you a more elated and full experience!

Lords Of Mobile Mod APK

Several Modes

This unique game presents its gamers with a variety of cool gameplay modes that they can choose from. These modes include hero mode, colosseum where your heroes battle the heroes of other players to gain power, wealth and status, The labyrinth mode where players challenge monsters and Kingdom Tycoon mode

Create Alliances

This is one of the most exciting features of this game. Players can create alliances with other players from around the world. These alliances are called guilds. You can make your own or join guilds that others have created. These guilds have a leader, a second in command and other lower rank. Players can also participate in guild fests and win prizes and points.

Lords Of Mobile Mod APK


Lords of Mobile consists of fifty plus heroes that you can recruit in your army to strengthen it. There are three types of heroes; Powerful, agile and intelligent. Every hero possesses its own special skills and players can upgrade them by letting them command troops, going into battle and more. More distinct heroes can be made available through in app purchases.

Battles with other players

Players are also presented with another very exhilarating feature that is they can battle other players without any restriction of area. They can attack other players to usurp their land and climb higher in status, expand their rule, gain more wealth.

Lords Of Mobile Mod APK

Building Kingdoms

The customizing feature is such a treat in every game! Lords of Mobiles gives its players the opportunity to build their kingdoms, revamp them, carry out research and more fun stuff.

Making Equipments

Build weapons for your heroes by gathering resources, so your heroes have advantage in battles and wars.

Lords Of Mobile Mod APK

3D Graphics

The game has amusing 3D graphics with unique character and building designs. This gives the game a fun twist. The designs are very clean and easy to follow, the interface is detailed and is not confusing. The graphics of this game are adored by many players worldwide.

Unlimited Amount of Money and Gems

By downloading the modified version of Lords of mobiles players can enjoy an unlimited number of coins, money and gems. So now you don't have to accumulate money so painfully slowly.

Lords Of Mobile Mod APK

Rapid recovery of skill

Lords of Mobiles Mod apk has the feature of fast recovery and which allows the player to keep on playing without worrying about injuries that might take some time to recover.

Vip Features Unlocked

The modified version of this game also offers many advanced features which makes gaming more fun. These features include anti-ban, 50 percent more experience, 15 percent of increased attacks, 25% increased rate of production of supplies and more

Lords Of Mobile Mod APK


Lords of Mobile is a game that is not only engaging and fun but also promotes thinking and intellectual activity. If you are a fan of strategic games this is the one you should absolutely go for. And even if you are not, this game offers a very interesting premise packed with action, roleplay and planning. Lords of Mobile gives its users the opportunity to interact with people around the world by way of alliances, battles, festivals, build their castles, attack and expand their territories. Select your heroes, train your army, collect resources to become more wealthy and powerful. Click the download button below to get Lords of Mobile Mod apk. We will be looking forward to reading your comments and answering your queries.


Q. Can I download Lords of Mobile for free?

Yes you can download Lords of Mobile for free from your google play store.

Q. How Can I get an unlimited amount of coins in Lords of Mobile?

Yes you can get an unlimited amount of coins by downloading the mod apk version of Lords of Mobile.

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