Netflix Mod APK 7.39.0 [Premium/4K] Free Download For Android

Who is not aware of the online streaming craze which has taken over the whole youth? The fever of new seasons, their episodes and different movies create a stir of excitement among the people who love watching them. The custom of watching TV and even YouTube has turned old now and its place has been taken by the latest applications which allow the online streaming of different seasons and movies. While recalling the names of all the online streaming apps, how can one forget about the mega project app “Netflix“. This app provides the users an access to the millions of shows and movies along with their free downloads. 

But the saddening part is, Netflix is a paid app which not everyone is able to afford. Not all the people can pay a good sum every month to watch their favorite shows so in order to solve this issue, the Netflix Mod APK has introduced. This app offers every single feature of Netflix without charges. It means users can download unlimited movies, get ad free Netflix app and watch videos in a powerful 4k resolution. Let’s see what golden features it is offering for those who love Netflix but can’t afford the premium version.

Netflix Mod APK Free Download For Android

File type Netflix.apk
File Size14.0 MB
Package nameNetflix Mod APK
Requires Android Version4.0 +
Download Time10 Seconds
FeaturesFree movies, series, tv and music
Video qualityHD 720 Pixels
UpdatedJanuary 6, 2020


Netflix Mod APK Features

  • This Mod APK of Netflix provides access to unlimited online streaming without any kind of ads. There are no ads in this version of application to avoid the poor experiences of streaming.
  • This application has no charges just like the original version. It is thoroughly free of charge comforting the users who cant have it.
  • Users can watch the original shows and movies just like the original version.
  • The video quality is 4k HD in this version as well to maintain the quality of streaming.
  • Users can download movies and seasons as much they want without paying anything. They can save all the downloaded movies and shows in their storage.
  • Users get the offline mode with this version in which they can view all the downloaded movies and seasons without having access to the internet. This main features has really eased the lives of viewers.
  • This version is safe enough and does not allow security threats break into the system.
  • There is no registration or login account required in order to watch movies. Users just need to simply download this app and start watching their favorite shows.
  • The user interface is quite beautiful which contains different shows and movies in a pattern. The users can search their movies and shows in a single search bar where they can also make searches using genres, year, country and more.

How to Install Netflix Mod APK

First go to the settings of the device.

Open the security and turn on the Unknown sources.

Doing so will create no problem as it is a very safe app.

Now download the apk file from the link.

Open this app after downloading and then click install.

You are all set to enjoy the Netflix app and its complete features without purchasing the premium packages.

Netflix Mod APK FAQs

Can I download this app in Mac and Android?

100% yes. This app is available for Android, Windows and Mac so that all kinds of users can enjoy this app.

Is it a safe application?

No doubt it is a safe most app to download. It is not like those illegal apps which cause security threats inside the system.

Can I get the offline mode with it?

Yes of course. The offline mode is available inside in which the users can download plenty of programs and movies to watch in the unavailability of the internet.

Can I download this app without paying any price?

That is what this app came into existence. You can download this app for free and enjoy all of its premium features without purchasing it.

Netflix Mod APK Free
  • Working
  • Easy To Use
  • Compatibility

Final Verdict

Netflix Mod APK is a great solution for those streamers who love movies and seasons but can’t purchase the app because of the unaffordable charges. It is a great way to enjoy all the shows easily in a suitable manner. This app is highly recommended and totally safe for the users to enjoy all the premium features. All the features are accessible for the first time without any risk

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