Pokemon Go Mod Apk (MOD, Joystick/Speed/Show Map)

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

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App Name Pokemon Go Mod Apk
Size 92 MB
Latest Version v0.245.0
MOD Info Joystick/Speed/Show Map
Price Free
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Update July 23, 2022 (25 days ago)
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Pokemon Go is an immensely popular and unique adventure game on mobile platform. Go around in real life to catch pokemons in this game. You can catch, train, evolve pokemons in this awesome game. The interface of this game is bit unique and interesting. Controls are highly responsive and easy since this is the mod version.

You will get control buttons on the screen to control your character. Catching pokemons is quite unique in this game. Place the phone camera on different locations in real life to see pokemons in game. It is an online multiplayer game with millions of players around the world. You can do pokemon battles against other trainers. Train your pokemon and unleash their final form by evolving them. Learn new attacks and strategies in game.

There are so many legendary pokemons waiting for you to come and challenge them. You can catch those legendary Pokemons as well. Train yourself and challenge Gym Leaders. Defeat Gym Leaders and become the best Pokemon trainer in the game. You can buy different items from pokeshop such as Pokeballs, Potions and other items for free of cost. Now we will talk about the main features of this awesome game.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Catch Pokemons

Pokemon Go is one of the best game to catch pokemon and become best trainer. There are so many Pokemons that you can catch and train. you can catch every Pokémon you see in this game. If you want to catch grass type Pokémon then you have to place the camera of your phone toward ground or similarly if you want to catch water type Pokémon then you have to place the camera of your phone toward water. There are so many legendary type pokemons which you can catch and train.


Train And Evolve Pokemon

You can catch all the pokemons and can train them to become best book one trainer in the game. Fight with another Pokémon trainers in the game and increase the level of your Pokémon to make them evolve into their final form. Evolve your pokemons and unlock more powerful attacks. Some pokemons evolve at low level and some pokemon required highest level to unleash their true power.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

3D Detailed Graphics

The graphics of this game are so awesome and highly detailed. It has 3D graphics with lots of detailing and designing. High visual effects and animations make the game more realistic and exciting. Pokemons are perfectly designed and look realistic because pokemon will appear on real location where you will point the camera of your phone. The game is totally based on AR mechanism. Realistic graphics and highly advance AR technology of this game make it even more awesome.

Multiplayer Battles

Pokemon Go is a multiplayer game where you battle against real players around the world. Challenge other pokemon trainers and show them your true skills. You can even battle against your friends in game. Train your pokemons to unlock powerful attacks to use in battles. You can trade Pokemon with other people as well. Explore lots of locations in game and indulge yourself in the world of pokemon. You can challenge Gym Leaders in game. Play through a complete story and defeat Gym Leaders to get lots of rewards.


Touchscreen Controls

Pokemon Go Mod is a great mod version which let you control your character without roaming in real life. All the necessary controls are available on screen. The best feature of this mod game is that you can teleport from one location to another location in this game without any problem. Now you can catch different Pokemons easily by exploring different locations.

Free of Cost

Pokemon Go Mod is a stunning game and it is best for Pokemon Lovers. This game is absolutely free and safe to play. It is highly compatible for low android devices as well. Get it for free and start playing without any issue.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk


Q. Is Pokemon Go Mod free to download?

Yes, you can download this game for free of cost on your android device. Get it from our site and enjoy.

Q. Is Pokemon Go Mod an offline game?

You can play this game offline and online as well. It is completely safe and secure.

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