Space Flight Simulator Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Space Flight Simulator Mod Apk

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App Name Space Flight Simulator Mod Apk
Size 106 MB
Latest Version v1.5.7.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update July 21, 2022 (17 days ago)
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We have been infatuated with the idea of space since the beginning of the world and which is quite understandable since it is so mystifying. This curiosity has led mankind to male countless attempts to travel into space to either make observations, experiments or discoveries. If you are one of the people that are fascinated by the universe and the prospect of exploring it excites your heart you are certainly in for an ecstasy ride. Because we are going to introduce you to a game that answers all your puzzles and satisfies your thirst. Space Flight Simulator will definitely satisfy you.

 This game is a very close model of the real world space related area. Build realistic rockets with parts that have been made for specific purposes, choose your destinations among a variety of places, Fly through space and unfurl your imaginations.

Ready to go on exciting space journeys like they show in the movies? Of course you are! There is so much to explore, so many dreams you want to make come true. To find out more about this fantastic game dive deep into this article.

Spaceflight Simulator Mod APK

What is Space Flight Simulator APK?

Space Flight Simulator apk is the original or standard version of the game provided on google app store and other platforms. This game offers its users an eerily realistic world of space to explore. Quench your thirst for space and planets and moons. Experience the thrill of a sci fi film. Everything in this game is extremely realistic, from the visuals to the rockets, their parts and the science of putting them together and even safely landing them on their destinations.

Regardless of the complex realistic process the game provides a very simple interface with very easy to understand instructions. Assembling the rocket might be a hard task but the game makes flying it an easy task with simple controls. Read more about the features below.

What is Space Flight Simulator Mod APK?

Space Flight Simulator Mod apk is the modified version of the above mentioned standard version. By downloading the mod version younan enjoy any advantages and benefits that are not easily available in the official version. Are you frustrated about your fuel running out all the time then release your worries by getting the mod version to enjoy unlimited fuel.

Get your hands on those exclusive shiny rockets that are otherwise locked in the original application and enjoy the premium flights. And discover the planets through a disturbance free experience. To read more about the modified version jump onto the features’ part.

Spaceflight Simulator Mod APK

Real Rocket Physics

The assembling of rockets in this game is modeled after real physics. No faux rules and parts, they are absolutely authentic. There are a load of engines and other parts that actually exist in our world. Every part is important and brings its special features to the table. All the specifications of these parts are reminiscent of real world science.

Fly Your Rocket

When you're done assembling your rocket it's time to test it out. As this game replicated the real world rockets you need to be extremely careful with the process of flying a rocket. Before you set out on your flight decide where you'll be landing which will consequently decide the parts you will be using in your rocket to make it compatible with your destination. Once you've done that you can sit back and enjoy the ride, fast forward it or rewind as per your liking.

Realistic Gameplay

Since Space Flight Simulator is modeled after real space stuff you can expect it to be just as complex. This is a game where you will not be spoon fed all the essentials, of course you will be given instruction, but you will be left to do the deed yourself. Creating a rocket is the hardest part and that is what the game is all about, it's challenging, fascinating and awe inspiring.

Easy Controls

All with this scary rocket business the controls of this game are surprisingly easy to operate. They are displayed on the screen in a very uncomplicated manner. The interface is neat and simple there is no difficulty in following the instructions

Spaceflight Simulator Mod APK

Create Your World

It doesn't stop on just building your rocket, you have to build your space stations, satellites, ports. Strive to overcome the new and dangerous environment of the space and solar system. Be persistent and work your way through this. Explore different lands and leave your mark on them. This is all a system you cannot launch into the air without stations to create these systems and build your space world.

Realistic Planets

In the real world we have only discovered two places in space aside from our planet earth and that is Mars and our moon. In this game you can travel to a number of planets and explore them. The planets you can journey to are; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Moon, Jupiter, Phobos, Deimos and of course Earth.

Open Universe

There is no limit to where you can go as long as you see the objects it is absolutely possible to reach and explore them.

Unlocked Rockets

You will be gaining access to all the locked rockets by downloading the modified version. No waiting around anymore, get all the rockets that you want!

Spaceflight Simulator Mod APK

Unlimited Fuel

No waiting to refill the fuel now because the mod version of Space Flight Simulator gives you a never ending fuel feature.

No Ads

And last but not the least no disturbances are coming your way. Dodge those annoying popping ads by downloading the mod version.


Space Flight Simulator is the best game for space enthusiasts and lovers. With real world physics employed in the game it makes the best informative space game. You're not only playing, learning is in the process as well. Realistic parts, engines, planets, and whatnot. This game is the closest thing you have to flying to space! So what is the wait for? Click the download button to start your space expedition and all the exciting stuff. Tell us what you thought about this game. Happy flying!

Spaceflight Simulator Mod APK


Q. Is Space Flight Simulator mod apk safe to download?

Yes, Space Flight mod apk is totally safe to download. It is free of any viruses or similar issues. Downloading this game will not affect your device in any way.

Q. Is Space Flight Simulator free to download?

Yes, Space flight Simulator is 100% free to download.

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