Spotify Premium Mod Apk v8.6.18.720 Latest Version Download (MOD, Spotify Ltd)

Spotify Premium Mod Apk V8.6.18.720 Latest Version Download
App Name Spotify Premium Mod Apk v8.6.18.720 Latest Version Download
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Latest Version v8.6.18.720
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Update April 21, 2021 (5 hours ago)
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Music is a kind of entertainment and everyone loves to listen Spotify Premium Apk. Before the emergence of technology, people were used to listen music on radios and tapes but after the rapid increase of technology, there are now so many gadgets available which are portable and you can listen to music anywhere you are. Music has become a significant part of our daily lives where the youth in particular prefers to add music in almost everything to make it more lively. Our travelling, celebrations, festivals, weddings, hangouts an get together feel incomplete if there is no music in it. People find solace in music and listen to different genres to ease their minds. In these circumstances it is quite necessary to have access to every genre and every singer from across the globe. From the past few decades, music has also adopted itself into many distinguished and contemporary genres. Here is the Spotify premium Mod APK which offers unlimited music collection for its users.

spotify premium mod apk gratis

There are a lot of music applications available on smart devices but people always try to find the best one. Today in this article, I will show you the best music application where you can find music from all over the world and you can even download them for future. This immensely popular music is known as Spotify Premium Mod Apk. This app considers to be the best app for android in the world in music category. There are millions of users on this app and music artists upload their new music on this app so that you can listen easily. This is a premium version of Spotify in which you will get many features such as No Ads, Offline Download and Offline Mode etc. You can listen your downloaded music anytime without internet. This premium version of Spotify is completely free and there is no need to pay for this app. You can listen all type of music such as Hollywood music and Bollywood music as well and you do not have to pay for that because everything is already unlocked. It will give you unlimited skips and you can play any music from any playlist in this application. The app is more improved with the update. There are a lot to talk about the features of this app so let's get started.

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What is Spotify?

what is spotify premium apk Spotify is the world best and most recognized audio and video streaming site which provides its users with variety of music and songs. This app was launched on 7thOctober, 2008 and from them till now its users have only enhanced. The users and subscribers to this application are around 270 million. It has access to millions of songs and playlists roughly around 50M. These music genres include sad, pop, romantic, rock, classical, ghazals and many more. Now the users will have to face no difficulty in listening to what they want. In the free ad original version of Spotify, a user is not able to download the songs in his android device and, while listening to the music, one might have to face interruptions due to ads. Such interruption result in destroying the rhythm of the song. In order to buy the premium subscription of Spotify oneneeds to spend money on it. Otherwise for free use, it comes with certain limitations.

Spotify Premium Mod APK:

It is the modified version of the original Spotify application which is being upgraded and introduces a whole lot of new and upgraded features. First and foremost, this APK is free to use for any sort of usage. It does not cost a penny to its users for any of the feature. The user can enjoy ad free and unlimited songs which may include old, classical and new one as well. Using this application, any song belonging to any genre is available. The user is also allowed o have his own playlist where he can add the songs he finds best. The added music in playlist or any other song from the Spotify premium Mod APK can be downloaded and saved for using it in offline mode. This application also provides another ease that it allows the users to open this app on any device and listen to his favorite music. Another ease for the Spotify users is that they can search the songs from its singers name and the list will show all the songs of that singer.

Features Of Spotify Premium Mod APK:

Spotify mod version comes with new and upgraded features adding to its success and increasing its number of users. Following are some of the features of this Mod APK version;

Unlimited Music collection:

Unlimited Music collection The Spotify premium Mod APK allows its users to have access to wide range of music collection in any genre he wants. It offers songs belonging to every region, singer and category comprising of romantic, sad, pop, classical etc. Another convenience occurs with the option of searching for singer's name in the search bar. The singer's name will provide all the existing songs of that particular singer. To avoid searching again and again, one can choose the categories he is most interested in and Spotify will let them watch those. It offers 50M songs to its users.

Ad-Free Music:

Ad-Free Music The free and original version of Spotify also offers unlimited music but it fails to remove ads from the songs being played. It uses 30 second ads or circulars which appear on the screen from time to time and it results in creating disturbance for the user. However, the premium Mod version of Spotify provides music without ads. It has removed all the ads from its site and now the users can enjoy their spare time listening music uninterrupted.

Unlimited Music download:

Spotify premium Mod APK offers its users to download unlimited music including audio and video songs without any interruption. The music being downloaded can be used later on in case the user runs out of internet connection.

No Ads

This is a premium version of the app and in this version, you will get all the premium features in which one of the best feature is that there are no annoying ads in this app and this is ad free version of the app.


Offline Mode

In Spotify Premium Apk, you can now use offline mode which is very demanding because you can listen music offline. All you need to do is that download music and then you can listen offline.

No Skipping

Since this is the hack of Spotify app, you get many premium features which are only available for premium version. In this version, this gives you unlimited skipping.

Great Sound Quality

The free version of Spotify only gives 128 Kbps sound quality but in this premium version, you will get all the way to 320 Kbps sound quality which is so great and clear. This will enhance the listening experience.

Improved Operation

The operations in the app are now improved and app is now more responsive then ever. You can enjoy music without any issue and can listen offline as well. You can even go back and forth with the music in this app.

Technical issues fixed

In Spotify Premium, all the major, minor and technical issues and bugs are resolved now within this app with the regular update.

How To Download Music From Spotify Premium Mod APK:

In order to download the songs,

  1. The user will search the required song and will add the song to his playlist.
  2. Then the user is supposed to open the playlist on his device and click on the three dots on top.
  3. Now click on the option of 'download' and the songs will start to download eventually.

Shuffle Option:

One may get bored and annoyed with the same songs or pattern after some time. It is often seen that one cannot listen to the same music over and over. It also feels a load to change the songs manually repeatedly. Therefore, this modified version offers the shuffle control option to shuffle the music list to stop the grind of changing playlist every now and often. Now the shuffle control automatically plays the songs in random order. This feature has proved to be much comforting in case the music is being played during a car journey via Bluetooth. The driver's attention will remain focused as well.

How To Turn The Shuffle Button On?

In order to turn on the shuffle option in Spotify premium Mod APK, the user will go to the library where all the playlists are present and will choose a playlist. Now the user will click on the 'Shuffle Play' option and the songs will be played in random arrangement from now. The user can now enjoy the songs without the drill of repetition.

Spotify connect:

It is very common nowadays that people prefer listening to music in their cars, CDs, hangouts and often at some big screen other than the android phone device. For this purpose, Spotify has introduced another feature which is called Spotify connect. With the use of this feature, it has now become much more convenient to transfer the same music essence to another screen or device. The user can connect Spotify with any other device including TV, radio, etc. but the Spotify premium Mod APK must be installed in the other device as well.

How To Connect Spotify With Other Devices?

In order to connect it with any other device, the user will follow a simple pattern i.e. to play the song in Spotify application on his device and click on the device option at the bottom left corner. From there, he will choose the device he wants to connect with and can enjoy the music now. High quality sounds: Spotify premium Mod APK provides high quality videos to its viewers if the user has strong internet connection. The comfort and interest level of the users is the main focus of this APK that is why the quality of audio or video sound is always kept in focus so as to maintain the subscribers and not to disappoint them. If the internet connection is strong, one will be able to view high quality i.e. 320kb/s video and audio. But if the internet connection worsens, the quality also automatically reduces so as not to stop the music streaming even in low quality.

How To Download Spotify Premium Mod APK?

It is quite easy to download and install this application by following the steps given below;

  1. Click on the available download links online.
  2. Enable download from 'unknown sources' on your android device.
  3. Now download the application and after installing, open it.
  4. Follow the instructions inside and the app is ready to use and enjoy.

How To Download Spotify Premium Mod APK On PC?

In actual, this APK is created for android devices but if one wants to install it in PC, one needs to download an android emulator. The user will first download the emulator which could be Bluestack application or any other. Now download the Spotify premium APK which will be opened in emulator. Click on install button to install it in your computer and now it is ready to use.


Undoubtedly, Spotify premium Mod APK is the best and most widespread application due to its amazing performance and remarkable features which are available for free. Audio and video music in its best quality along with all the upgraded features have been made accessible to each user across every corner of the world. Easy to download and fun to use, Spotify premium Mod APK is what one needs to end boredom.


Q. Is this APK safe to use?

Yes this application is safe to use because it has millions of users worldwide which makes it 100% safe and secure.

Q. What quality does Spotify Mod APK offer?

Spotify Mod APK offers range of qualities depending upon the internet connection. If one has high speed and good connection of internet, he must be rest assured because Spotify will offer video or audio sound in 320kb/s quality. However, the quality gradually decreases if the internet connection is not that strong.

Q. Do I have to create an account on Spotify?

Yes, after installing Spotify premium Mod APK, one needs to create an account by providing an email account and setting a password. The password can be changed if one needs to change it later on. But the email address and password must be remembered by the user if in case he wants to open the account on any other device, he may not have to follow the entire procedure.

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