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Latest Version v18.70
MOD Info WhatsApp Aero
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Update January 08, 2022 (7 months ago)
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Have you ever thought how it became so easy to reach out to your friends and family members living on the other side of the world? The distance has been shortened surprisingly with the help of technology. People are connecting with each other because of this technology and the internet.

Apart from that, the communication apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and so many more are also responsible for connecting the people together. These applications are free to use and can be used to communicate with users living in any part of the world. WhatsApp is nowadays considered to be the most important and special one in this field.

You all must be aware of WhatsApp but did you know there is a modified version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Aero? It is a new version that comes with new and improved customization options. People are so amused to use this new version of WhatsApp that they are preferring it over the regular WhatsApp application.

There is so much to offer in this application such as the improved fonts, new themes, lock screen, application design icons, many unlocked features and so much more. In short if you want to make your WhatsApp more interesting, then WhatsApp Aero is the best choice for you.

In this article you are going to learn everything about WhatsApp Aero since we have a detailed description of each feature. Let's read it now and find out why this new version is taking the place of the older one so fast.
What is WhatsApp APK?
You must be properly aware of WhatsApp APK because it is an application which allows its users to make free calls and send texts to the other WhatsApp users for free no matter in which country they live. You can also share different sorts of data files over WhatsApp for free. It is an application which is often now used to run the business meetings with it's conference call feature.

A lot of people are doing online business using WhatsApp to connect with their customers. It is a suitable application and it seems quite impossible to survive in this world without WhatsApp. That's why the new updates keep coming in this application which people can allow to have the best user experience.

WhatsApp Aero Apk

What is WhatsApp Aero APK?

WhatsApp Aero APK is somehow different from WhatsApp because it is the modified version. It certainly means you are going to have some extra features in this application that regular WhatsApp is usually not providing. People are so curious to learn about these new features and they should be because of the hype created by the Turkish developer of this app.

The Aero version allows the users to keep different themes, fonts and icons for their WhatsApp application. They can also send bigger size files, too many pictures at a time and keep extra privacy. Hence the users who want to stay private, do business or use the maximum features of WhatsApp must download the Aero version.


New themes

There are so many new and exciting themes in this application which you can now set up on your profile and account. These themes are so vast in variety and very compelling that you would instantly want to shift from green and white WhatsApp to colorful and playful themed WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Aero Apk

New fonts

There are so many new and stylish fonts in this application too. You can set them up so that you can make your screen look even prettier. Every time you will type or send a message to someone, it will be in that particular font that you have set up.


Home screen themes

There are also some home screen themes provided in WhatsApp that you can set in your phone. It is an additional feature which makes the use even much better. It will make your home screen look cool and prettier than before.


More privacy

There is more privacy provided to the users who use this application. You can now hide your last seen, the contacts to view your profile, hide your story, profile picture and so much more. In this way you will stay secure and keep your information private by letting a limited number of people have the access to view it.


Send bigger files

WhatsApp doesn't allow sending bigger files to it's contacts be it an audio, video or voice file. You can send your contacts all the files up to 50 MBs or even more. Usually whatsapp allows its users to send files of only 25 MBs, but WhatsApp Aero provided the option to send heavier files without any interruption.


WhatsApp Aero Apk

Send more than 30 pictures

WhatsApp allows you to send only 30 photos at a time but this application provides the opportunity to send more than 30 photos at a time. You do not have to wait but send all the photos all at once to your contacts.


Hide last seen

You can now hide your last seen with the help of this application. Nobody will be able to see when you were active last time, keeping you absolutely secure and free from any sort of stalkers who keep digging into the personal details of any user. Hide your last seen and you will stay safe any time.


Make free calls and send messages

You can make free calls with WhatsApp and send unlimited messages to anyone using WhatsApp in the entire world. You can communicate for free with anyone for hours without paying a single penny. All you need is a stable internet connection to use this application. The internet and this app will allow you to stay updated and connected with everyone.


Create business account

You can also create a business account with this application in order to handle a brand of your own. It will give you some more features and an opportunity to communicate with your audience and deal with your customers.

WhatsApp Aero Apk

Make conference calls

You can make conference calls to talk to your friends, family members or team members altogether. These conference calls are used for communicating with a lot of people all at once.


Add maximum group members

You can also add a maximum number of members in the WhatsApp group rather than just 150. It has given you the freedom to add more people in a single group so you never miss any friend or member you want to add in a WhatsApp group.


Hide story views

You can hide your story view on anybody's story. The users won't be able to know if you viewed their story or not. So the status of your story view will always stay hidden, keeping you private.


Limit story viewers

You can also limit the number of viewers who could view your status story. If you have posted any status story, you can go to the settings and open the number of contacts. You can allow or unallow different contacts to see your stories as per your own preferences. It keeps your personal stories safe and secured so that you can post your photos privately to share with your most trusted ones.



⦁ New themes
⦁ Exciting fonts
⦁ Extra privacy
⦁ Safe
⦁ Free


⦁ Gets hanged sometimes


WhatsApp Aero APK is now the second favorite app that people are liking after WhatsApp. It has more exciting features that makes the overall usage and experience fun, plus it ensures more safety of the users. You can stay hidden and control who can view your profile or stories with this application. Because of this reason Aero is getting more growth and has been downloaded millions of times.

Go and download this application now and start using it on a daily basis. While our team will sit back and wait for your remarks about this application. Do not forget to leave your valuable comments in the box given below as we love to read them.


Q. How many people in the world use WhatsApp Aero APK?

Millions of people use WhatsApp Aero APK in the world. This application is gaining frequent popularity day by day so the number of downloads are also increasing rapidly.

Q. What is the most significant feature of WhatsApp Aero APK?

The most significant feature of WhatsApp Aero APK is that it contains new themes and looks for the regular WhatsApp app.

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