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WPSApp Pro Apk

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App Name WPSApp Pro Apk
Size 6 MB
Latest Version v1.6.59
MOD Info Patched
Price Free
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Update July 22, 2022 (18 days ago)
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WPSApp Pro apk is an internet security application that provides its service to its users in order to keep their wifi password safe from predators. It is the premium or paid version of WPSApp apk which comes without ads and is able to check the security of the user’s network using WPS protocol. It was developed by TheMauSoft app developer. The WPS protocol, mentioned above, allows users to connect to a Wifi network by using an 8 digit pin number that usually is already defined in the internet router device.

This app WPSApp Pro apk uses these pins to try and check if the network is unprotected. For this purpose, it implements several known algorithms for generating the pin. Not only that but it is also able to calculate default keys for some internet routers, which allows the user to view Wifi passwords that have been stored on the device. The users have to log in to the application and then run a network diagnostic scan to see if their Wifi network connection is safe and secure, or is it unprotected and the hackers can attack easily.

WPSApp Pro apk scans the devices connected to the user network and analyzes the quality of the Wifi channels. In this way one can easily get to know if someone around their neighborhood is stealing their wifi services. It has three different icons such as the Red Cross, the green tick, the question mark which can be seen in the network category. Details of these icons are explained below. To check all of these the user using the app should be a Root user. It is only ten that they would be able to see the passwords, and make use of its amazing services. WPSApp pro apk needs permission to access internet connection settings, and storage settings of the user’s device.

WPSApp Pro Apk

High Performance Internet Security

WPSApp Pro apk provides its users with high quality performance in keeping their password of their respective internet connection safe and sound from internet thieves.


Hacking Prevention

WPSApp Pro apk prevents any kind of suspicious activity of hacking the internet wifi password.


8-Pin code

WPSApp Pro apk application allows its users to connect to Wifi connection directly via an 8 digit pin code which is usually located on the router.


Prevents Extra Bill Dues

WPSApp Pro apk prevents hacking which ultimately leads to lesser internet bills thus releases the strain on one’s wallet.

WPSApp Pro Apk


WPSApp Pro apk enables users to feel safe of any intruders in their internet connection thus giving them a sense of peace.


Prevents Reduction in Internet speed

When the people around the user are using their internet without asking then it leads to buffering and less internet speed related issues. WPSApp Pro apk prevents this discomfort and helps them have all their internet to themselves.


Recover Wifi Password

WPSApp Pro apk allows users to change their password after they have been blocked by their own wifi connection by some internet thief. It is an easy procedure and surely makes life a lot easier and the process a lot stress free.


3 Sections

WPSApp Pro apk consists of three sections which are named as Networks, devices and channels. The network tells about the strength of signals along with how many of them are available while the devices section shows the number of devices connected with the internet connection and displays their codes. The third section Channel shows their quality in gigahertz (GHz).

WPSApp Pro Apk

24/7 Availability

WPSApp Pro apk offers its services 24/7 with great speed and good quality performance.


Premium Version

WPSApp Pro apk is a premium version which one can buy by paying a small amount. This version has no advertisements thus offers quality service to its users.


Friendly User Interface

WPSApp Pro apk has a very easy to use interface that helps its user to easily navigate from one category to another without any difficulty.


Main Icons

WPSApp Pro apk network category has 3 icons of great importance. The first icon being a question mark (?) which tells the user that the WPS protocol is enabled with an unknown Pin. If the person enters Pin code correctly, then they will be able to connect to Wifi. The second icon is a green colored tick which tells the user about networks display. This icon means that the network is most vulnerable i.e. the password is revealed. Last but not the least, the third icon Red Cross tells about the highest level of security. This means that the password is unknown.

WPSApp Pro Apk

Unlimited and Interruption Free

One can stream unlimitedly on the internet without any interruption by using WPSApp Pro apk.


Less Space Consumption

This application WPSApp Pro apk does not gather much storage capacity, so the users need not to worry about the storage of their devices.


Update system

It keeps on updating itself on a regular basis which makes it even more desirable.


Free of Cost Version

Downloading WPSApp Pro apk also has a version that does not require any charges for subscription.

WPSApp Pro Apk

Safe and confidential

For WPSApp Pro apk, safety and privacy of its users personal information is of great importance. It keeps their private and personal information confidential at all costs.


Multiple Languages

WPSApp Pro apk enables a person to change languages according to their preferences. It offers different languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic and many more. This makes it easy for anyone to use in their desired language.


Easy to function

The WPSApp Pro apk is very easy to function and it offers a step by step guide for its new users.



WPSApp Pro apk is a great application for people who want to keep their wifi connection safe from predators around their place of living. It is efficient and allows one not only to change their password but also allows them to exactly know where and who is using their internet services without asking for permission. This helps them in preventing the decline in the internet speed due to internet thieves as well as reduces the strain on their wallets by decreasing the billing amount.

WPSApp Pro Apk


Q. Can WPSApp Pro apk be used for different devices available in the market easily?

Yes! WPSApp Pro apk is compatible with other devices thus making it easy for the user to share and recommend the app to their family and friends.

Q. Is it easy to operate a WPSApp Pro apk application?

Yes! WPSApp Pro apk is very easy to use. Anyone can easily make use of the application's services for carrying out the needful.

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